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clients in the digital space

Clients in the digital space

We love all of our amazing clients, partners, and team-members who have assisted us on the completion of these projects. From design to deployment, the entire way though data analysis and optimization, we have assisted hundreds of businesses in advancing their digital presence through the digital space ✨

UpCode Portfolio Websites

Featured Client: 
Peace, Love, and Little Donuts

UpCode Studios assisted Peace, Love, and Little donuts with a digital overhaul of their online system. Starting with a new user flow and website design along with the construction of an online ordering system we were able to increase the engagement to the website exponentially as well as allow individuals to order donuts online for the first time ever in the franchises history.

If you would like to view their website you may do so here: 

View full website ✨

We Build Websites.

UpCode takes pride in ensuring the highest quality experiences on every website we build. Mobile responsiveness and quick loading speeds are guaranteed. Custom Javascript animations? You've got it. We'd love the opportunity to talk with you about building your dream website.

Ball For Men Website
Gracelife Church Website


We were blessed with the opportunity to construct a fully custom website for Gracelife Church of Monroeville with an event management system, video archive, and many other features.

Balla for Men Website


Unison Energy is one of the fastest growing Microgrid energy companies in the country. We assisted them in constructing a custom website and managing their social campaigns.

Better Body Image Website


Early Scholar's founder Erin Jacques operates a very successful speech and debate school located in New York. We assisted her in creating a new website and enrollment system for her students.

Gracelife Church Website


Dream Weddings is the premier wedding vendor provider for hundreds of brides and grooms for more than 10 years. We assisted them with their new website, social campaigns, and brand identity.

Balla for Men Website


ID Labs is the word-renowned and multi-platinum winning recording studio that calls itself home to artists like Wiz Khalifa, DJ Afterthought, Mac Miller, Eric Dan, and many more.

Better Body Image Website


Doughboys Pizza is your favorite home town pizza shop with a fresh modern twist. Find their employees and owners trending on social platforms or enjoy their unforgettable loaded pizzas!

Autoseekr Website

We Code Software.

Our software development teams have built various products of different sizes and functionalities. Modular Frameworks, Flexible Design, Extensive Customization, Consistent Updates, Royalty Free Licensing, and exceptional quality is our life blood. To learn more about our trendy-nerd-robo-geniuses feel free to contact us today!

Autoseekr Website

AUTOSEEKR.COM is the new and improved car search engine tailored for the millennials. No technical car terms, easy to use UI, and a built in test drive scheduling application.

Mobilifyit Website


Sporting Intelligence provides an array of tools aimed to provide a significant edge for both weekly users, season long fantasy users, and daily fantasy players alike.

Webstoyou Website


Social media with a twist! Interested in finding fun new content and participating in polls? We developed this social media network to connect people interested in engaging conversations.

Autoseekr Website


Online Etsy-style marketplace for users to buy and sell products in Senegal using Orange Money, Paypal, and Stripe as their methods of payment.

Mobilifyit Website


Quickly convert your existing website to be mobile friendly. Receive a free preview within seconds by using Mobilifyit's Responsive website preview tool.

Webstoyou Website


Internal Automation System built for our agency with custom permission access, accounting automation, CRM and score tracking, and many other specific automation features.

We Develop Applications.

We build versatile applications with crisp user experience and complex functionalities that will blow your mind. Databases, login systems, push notifications, all within a cross development strategy. Our teams build top-of-the-line applications fast, efficiently, and very affordably.

Dripplr App
Purrr Application


Apollo is an application which allows users to broadcast mood altering frequencies to a vibrating wearable attached to their wrist.

Plates Social


Have you ever wanted to have a discussion on social media focused only around polls and voting of other users? The pollster app is here to do just this.

Gracelife Church


Bridges From School To Work transforms young lives through the power of identifying and securing obtainable employment positions.

Plates Social


Track your door-to-door sales intelligently through Stomping Grounds Location-Based ERP and Client Management Application.

Purrr Application


The Vena Agency is a boutique insurance agency operated out of Chicago, IL specializing in life, business, home and final expense insurance.

Gracelife Church


Rose Transportation is an intermodal transportation company with 8 locations within the eastern United States.

Dripplr Dashboard

We Launch Digital Marketing Campaigns.

Blast off! Expand your brand in the most efficient manner possible through our digital marketing services. We have spent thousands of dollars learning how to run profitable, ever expanding, and affordable campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Email channels, Google, and other platforms. 

Balla for Men Facebook Advertisement


With the implementation of Facebook growth campaigns, a Facebook Facelift, and advanced ad targeting, we were able to raise the numbers on Balla For Men's Facebook Page from 700 to 10k.

Oil Vinegar Advertisement


Oil & Vinegar allowed us to manage content for 23 Facebook pages and corporate Instagram and Twitter accounts. We grew their following organically through animated content.

Komplex Advertisement


Komplex is an up and coming Hip Hop artist in Pittsburgh, PA who was in need of a marketing campaign to increase the exposure to his brand and music.

Balla for Men Facebook Advertisement


EB Pepper is a high-end clothing boutique located in the popular strip of Shadyside in Pittsburgh, PA. We assisted her in monthly content upkeep, video content for tik-tok, ecommerce, and paid ads.

Oil Vinegar Advertisement


We only eat at Doughboys! We manage Doughboys social media content, website, viral video content including music videos, jingles, tik tok content, paid ads as well as various media placements.

Komplex Advertisement


Mia Zanotti is known for making into the final 8 on popular TV show "The Voice" on Season 5. We assisted her in designing her logo, filming various projects, as well as promoting her social media content.

We Make Videos.

Our video production team has worked with celebrities, franchises, Google, and hundreds of business across the globe. With the ability to create custom animations, full length television episodes, and VR/AR Video, we've got your project covered.


Hemlock Homes is a premier custom home builder in the North East United States. We assisted in their new location rollout by providing a glimpse inside their operation and how their teams work.


Monarch Hospice is adding to days when days cannot be added to lives. We assisted them in creating this commercial and acquiring a city-wide billboard and media buying campaign.


The Babel - 1 is not a satire brand exploring the future development of universal translators and it's impact on some of the more interesting and common moments of our every day lives.


Conscious Mind Wellness is a Health & Wellness documentary with a few hours worth of value. Check out more at on their website here.


Gracelife Church is broadcasted to various television channels across the country. We assist in live-streaming and editing their weekend sermons.


Can't stop now was a large budget video shoot performed in an abandon warehouse in downtown Pittsburgh. Learn more here.

Peace Love & Little Donuts Strategy

We Expand Your Brand Through The Digital Space ✨

Integrated campaigns use the same communication tools to reinforce each other and improve marketing effectiveness. We will listen to your vision and current resources and organize your campaign for success now, later, and far into the future!

Autoseekr Strategy


Autoseekr was in need of a business plan that would define their company. We assembled their initial marketing approach and product set through an Integrated Marketing Campaign.

Pucks n' Gloves Strategy


Pucks N' Gloves is a charity and fundraising event for the men's north side homeless shelter. We watched a penguins game, hosted activities, and had a raffle to promote the cause.

Save8 Fundraiser


Save8 is a non-profit that raises the awareness for organ donation with their catch-phrase of "How 1 choice can save 8 lives". Learn more by going to

Autoseekr Strategy


Jesus Saves Yinz is a project close to the heart of UpCode. Through Facebook we were connected with Ruben Campos for this viral photo of him infront of his Helicopter.

Pucks n' Gloves Strategy


Jordan York is a Hip Hop Artist and Social Activist who is known for his good deeds around the city of Pittsburgh. Now he is featured in the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette.

Pucks n' Gloves Strategy


We would love to have you! If you are looking for assistance with any of our services we would love nothing more than to discuss your visions and dreams together!

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