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Browse through our list of Open Source softwares and determine which is right for the vision you are looking to build. Rather than trying to build these softwares yourself or paying a hefty fee for a non-transparent agency to customize the code; Spend a fraction of the cost by using a group of developers that understand your goal and can help you customize the tools you need at an affordable price!

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Our Featured Open Source Softwares

We have scavenged the digital space and accumulated a list of our favorite open source softwares. Try them all for free!


Mautic is marketing automation software (email, social & more). Download on your own site or create a free hosted account. Mautic can help you automate all of the following: social media marketing, contact management, email marketing, forms, campaigns and reports.


Zenbership comes equipped with a CRM designed specifically for membership websites. Customize your database parameters and seamlessly convert contacts into members! Establish custom membership levels and automate registrations.

Suite CMS

SuiteCRM is a free and open source that is a game changer for everyone interested in having their own content management system. It delivers actionable insights into customers, boosts conversions, increases sales and bolsters customer care.

group office

Group-Office is an enterprise CRM and groupware tool. Share projects, calendars, files and e-mail online with co-workers and clients. Easy to use and fully customizable.

Open ach

OpenACH, the world's first free, open-source, secure web-based ACH origination and payment processing platform... Payment processing made simple.

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What Does the "os" mean?

OS stands for open source. Open Source software is software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified.

how does it benefit me?

Open source solutions allow complex software products to be tested and improved on a massive scale. Software engineers can save time with these pre-built solutions and pass the savings onto the customer.

Why all the different departments?

UpCode Studios LLC. has divided its' operations into 4 different departments each specializing in different areas of the digital space. This ensures that there is clear direction and management at each level of the company. By dividing our operations, we are confident that we can conquer any digital project that may come our way.

how does os work?

UpCodeOS works by utilizing a variety of open source systems in order to build a product on time and on a budget. We are completely transparent on what sources we use and how we use it.

where do i sign up?

You can download any of our listed open source solutions from our website or directly from their GitHub Repository. We are here to help you with any customizations you may need.

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Featured Projects:

Small Laptop Autoseekr

Plates social

Plates Social is a social media platform strictly for foodies. Check them out on the App Store! View More at:


Autoseekr helps people find their perfect vehicular companion to suit their lifestyle. View More at:

coffee, etc.

Coffee Etc. provides a complete breakdown of all types of coffee. Subscribe to get a variety of coffee beans and find your favorite.

What Are The Benefits of Using Open Source Materials?

Modular Frameworks, Flexible Design, Extensive Customization, Consistent Updates, Royalty Free Licensing, Community Tested, Exceptional Quality, and Evolving Protection.

Modular Frameworks

Customize individual pieces of your solution while maintaining the
functionality and reliability of the
original development.

Flexible Design

Control all the aesthetics of your
product throughout various
milestones in our development

Extensive Customization

By utilizing our open source solutions you can rest assure that you can customize every aspect of your next software product.

Consistent Updates

New features, security updates, bug fixes,
and more. Ensure that your product
is secure forever by utlizing

Royalty Free Licensing

None of our Open Source systems
have any hidden royalties so you can
rest easy knowing that you're getting
exactly what you paid for.

Community Tested

No software project has ever been completed by one person. Open Source allows a product to benefit from multiple sets of eyes.

Exceptional Quality

Having an entire community backing open source code is one of the biggest benefits as it ensures a quality, reliable product will be delivered.

Evolving Protection

As time progresses, so does security standards. With UpCodeOS, we pledge to continuously improve your software security.

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